Andreas Polycarpou
Andreas Polycarpou

Andreas Polycarpou is the owner and director of Concha Holdings Ltd. The company is a Consulting company that employs four people, is based in Cyprus and focuses on offering accounting solutions as well as serving as a board member on various companies within the financial sector.

In the past, Andreas Polycarpou was also a Head of Dealing and a director in Lionsman Capital Markets (Cyprus) Ltd. He worked closely with external consultants during the set-up of the company. He worked closely with third parties, banks, payment processors, liquidity providers, lawyers, accountants, and auditors. 

He was also a member of the company’s Risk committee, preparing a number of reports relating to profitability, liquidity and other risk assessments, reviewing all reports to be submitted to the authorities, working closely with compliance and consultants on the preparation of ICCAP. 

Education of Andreas Polycarpou

  • 2016: Graduated from the Cyprus International Institute of Management, MSc in Human Recourses and Organisational Behaviour
  • 2014: CySEC Advance certificate, public registry (No 2654)
  • 2012 Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments, Certificate in International Investment Management
  • 2011: Graduated from the Cyprus International Institute of Management, MSc in Finance and Banking
  • 2008: Graduated from the Aegean University, Diploma in Financial and Management Engineering

In his extensive professional experience, one of Andreas Polycarpou’s most prominent features is solving problems and responding to challenges, in which he expressed his many organizational abilities and his ability to work with different people.

Andreas Polycarpou - Finance

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